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Opiate addiction is one of the most difficult addictions to overcome. Opiates come in different forms, and more and more people each year are developing addictions to these dangerous drugs. However, there is a light on the other side of the tunnel. Your road to treatment and recovery can begin today by taking the first step in seeking help and finding treatment for you or a loved one’s opiate addiction.

Opiates have been around for centuries, and in many cases, these types of medications can help those in pain. The issue with opiates is that there’s a high chance of developing an opiate addiction because of the side effects of these drugs. While they relieve pain, these medications also release dopamine. 

Many people can take these medications after surgery or injury and not develop a problem. However, genetic predisposition to addiction sometimes causes individuals to develop cravings right away. The most common way that people develop addictions is through a prescription for a long-term pain management program. Taking these medications on a daily basis causes people to develop a tolerance and dependency on these medications.

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About Us

London Addiction Treatment Centre is a full service medical building with an addiction clinic and we are glad to see walk-ins whenever there is space in our schedule to accommodate. You can drop in anytime or call ahead to see what our available spots are for the day.  We have multiple doctors accepting new patients.

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Drop in anytime or call ahead to see what our available spots are for the day.

231 Wharncliffe Clinic
231 Wharncliffe Rd S.
London, ON N6J 2L3
Tel: 519-963-0620
Fax: 519-963-0621

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